Electronic Warfare Services Architecture (EWSA)



Cybersecurity analysis, research, engineering, and architecture development



USMC and NAWC-WD Point Mugu

High Side Technology has provided support for the design and prototyping of MAGTF EWSA Tactical Edge Sharing Serviced (TESS), as well as cybersecurity engineering support to enable secure access and sharing of Joint and Naval EW/Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) information at multiple security levels at the tactical edge. High Side Technology’s design and engineering support included the selection and implementation of technical standards in order to rapidly integrate software-based technologies for more survivable and sustainable capabilities to meet tactical and enterprise-level information sharing and cybersecurity requirements. Through this project, High Side Technology researched and prototyped a Cybersecurity Assessment & Authorization (A&A) Template as a pathfinder to accelerate the development and fielding of modular, dynamic, and lightweight integrated software capabilities to meet the Marine Corps and joint forces’ tactical edge EW mission collaboration requirements.